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Cyprien Katsaris et al in Beijing


Geist tour of China September 2012

Auckland Departure 19 Sept 2012


With Rowan Johnston


The Sine Qua Non


September 20th. Arrival Shanghai Pu Dong Airport


First site... East Nanjing Road


Famous Skyline, The Bund


The Bund


...and later that night


Dinner with John Chen and Kirsten Mason (not pictured)


September 21st. Shanghai Int'l School No. 1 Rehearsal


Shanghai Int'l School No. 1: being shown a model of the enormous campus


Shanghai Int'l School No. 1 tour


Shanghai Int'l School No. 1 TV Studio


Another angle


Two pianists played for us. Here's everyone after all performances


September 22nd. Below the Oriental Pearl Tower


Atop the Oriental Pearl Tower--winner of our best picture award (Alice)


He Luting Hall, New Zealand Music Festival Shanghai Venue


Rehearsal inside He Luting Hall


...and during the performance (don't tell anyone we took this!)


...with John Chen and Kirsten Mason and her children


Post concert hosted by Kirsten Mason


September 23rd. Packed in for the trip to Suzhou


Suzhou Cultural Arts Center Lobby Stage


The audience begins to fill in...


Interest from passersby...


Children dancers


Children pause to listen


Boat ride begins. We're joined by Alice's son Michael


On the water


Historic old town












First Mate (and Alice)


Terra Firma once more


September 24th. Geist is welcomed to the 400-year old Suzhou Arts College


First a performance for us of Guzheng players


...then Erhu players


Then it's our turn


Intrepid Britta and Erhu master friend


Fearless Sally with copious instructors


First duet recital on the Erhu


Alice interprets for the discussion session


Exchange of Gifts 1


Exchange of Gifts 2


Exchange of Gifts 3


Outside the classroom, being shown the 400-year-old firewall doors


The peaceful teacher's courtyard


The school's art teacher is famous and has his own gallery at the school


Passing Beethoven at the Piano Sculpture


We say farewell to Suzhou Arts College


Outside the Silk Factory


Silk Factory Courtyard


Silkworms may look yummy, but they're not for eating!


Silk blankets begin life small...


...but with teamwork


...and coordination


... a perfect fit!


Modern Rickshaw 1


Modern Rickshaw 2


At the fish market


Time for a photo


Along one of the historic canals


Water is everywhere in Suzhou


A short break


Suzhou is also famous for rock gardens


Comfy in there?


Perfectly framed individual character of each girl


September 25th. Cool shades from the night before on the pedestrian street


Suzhou train station


Bullet train


300+ kilometers per hour


Beijing subway ride


Beijing specialty: Hot Pot at the Silk Street


Tiananmen Square on a rainy night


September 26th. We arrive at the NZ Embassy and set up


Afterward with His Excellency, New Zealand Ambassador Carl Worker


Outside the Embassy with First Secretary Pip McLachlan


Off to the Great Wall!


First you have to get up to the Great Wall -- it's on the top of the mountain!


...going first through this grotto


...and this rock museum


At last... and what a beautiful day!


Four gorgeous girls on top of the world


Inspiring scenery


Alice, our indefatigable guide and interpreter


Moments before the bees arrive


Famous bee dance


Getting down is easier than reaching the Great Wall


Bird's nest on a clear day


IBM's Dragon Building backed by the sun


Water Cube


Farewell Dinner Roast Duck


September 27th. Departure coffee at Beijing Capital Airport



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