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Tango Desire 欲望探戈:
The Rhythm of the Night




Direct from Buenos Aires, Argentina's elite touring ensemble Tango Desire proudly announces its latest impassioned show "The Rhythm of the Night", with six couples and on-stage musicians conjuring the world of 1950s Argentina, featuring music, singing and the seductive, passionate dancing of authentic Argentinean Tango. 

Tango Deisre

自2004年以来,欲望探戈以阿根廷著名的格雷纳多别墅为据点,在阿根廷全国各地演出近1000场,包括许多阿根廷的顶级剧场,如Astral、Metropolitan和Margarita Xirgu等剧院及布宜诺斯艾利斯文化部,在挑剔且忠实的观众前呈现最优秀的演出。知名的贵宾包括前英国首相托尼·布莱尔、哥伦比亚总统,及联合国代表团。舞团在世界各地的演出经验十分丰富,曾巡演包括欧洲、中东、美国、南美和亚洲,包括在中国的许多大型巡回演出。

Since 2004 Tango Desire has made their home at the prestigious Zanjón de Granados in Buenos Aires. They have danced nearly 1000 shows throughout the country, including at Argentina’s top venues such as the Astral, Metropolitan and Margarita Xirgu Theatres, and the Buenos Aires House of Culture, presenting shows of the highest caliber to a discerning and loyal audience. Distinguished guests at their performances have included former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the President of Columbia, and a visiting delegation from the United Nations. Tours have taken Tango Desire’s dancers all over the world, including to Europe, the Middle East, the US, South America and Asia, including multiple extensive tours to China.

Tango Deisre2017年,阿根廷欲望探戈成立15周年,舞团中年轻且国际经验丰富的舞者们与歌手和音乐家,并善于用皮亚佐拉的作品展现经典和当代的探戈。舞团作品的真正魅力在于吸收了各个流派最为突出和流行的节奏精髓,对那些即使不熟悉探戈的人群也具有极大的吸引力。舞团以其多样化的演出、精湛的技巧、丰富的舞台效果及对于舞蹈的热情为名。

Celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2017, Tango Desire boasts a staff of young but internationally experienced dancers, singers and musicians, performing traditional and modern tango to the music of Astor Piazzolla and others. Their authentic productions respect the genre's essence and elegance with a striking, modern rhythm and style, and have a wide appeal, drawing in even those unfamiliar with tango and stirring the passions of audiences around the world. The ensemble is known for its versatility, technical excellence, sensuality and passion.

Tango Deisre《夜晚的旋律》演出成员包括欲望探戈的总监费尔南达•格罗索和编舞-亚历杭德罗•费瑞拉,10位世界一流的舞蹈家,2位歌唱家和布宜诺斯艾利斯最好的探戈音乐家所组成的同台演出乐队。

THE RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT’s cast includes Tango Desire director/choreographers Fernanda Grosso and Alejandro Ferreyra with 10 other world-class dancers, two singers and an onstage orchestra of the best tango musicians in Buenos Aires.

Tango Deisre

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