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Marc Taddei, Conductor

Music director, Orchestra Wellington

"...the evening belonged to conductor Marc Taddei who steered the orchestra, chorus and soloists through with quiet, (not a term used often about Taddei) authority. His intensity, commitment and attention to detail gave the performance true gravitas. He is very quick to give generous accolades to his performers but on this occasion he deserved every bit of the audience’s enthusiastic response."

Garth Wilshire, Capital Times, 17 Sept 08

" evening of fantastic music and an astonishing level of achievement.

“This was a sensational performance… the orchestra was magnificent.

“Marc Taddei conducted with tremendous authority – who will ever forget the sheer impact of the opening of the Fifth Door, with full orchestra and organ?”

JOHN BUTTON, Dominion Post, 8 Sep 2008

"(Bouquet for Marc Taddei)… whose energy, exuberance, drive and vision proved beyond all doubt that music is an essential feature of daily life in a 21st century city."

 - The Christchurch Press

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